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UID Acronym Name Rel Groups % WI-tdoc Rapporteur links
780032 REST_SS REST Solution Sets Rel-15 27.00% [JSN]
780033 REST_SS REST Solution Sets (normative work) Rel-15 S5 100% Pollakowski, Olaf, Nokia [JSN]
800114 REST_SS (IETF) JSON Schema: A Media Type for Describing JSON Documents (draft-handrews-json-schema) Rel-15 S5-IETF 0% Pollakowski, Olaf, Nokia [JSN]
800115 REST_SS (IETF) JSON Schema Validation: A Vocabulary for Structural Validation of JSON (draft-handrews-json-schema-validation) Rel-15 S5-IETF 0% Pollakowski, Olaf, Nokia [JSN]
800116 REST_SS (IETF) JSON Hyper-Schema: A Vocabulary for Hypermedia Annotation of JSON (draft-handrews-json-schema-hyperschema) Rel-15 S5-IETF 0% Pollakowski, Olaf, Nokia [JSN]