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Warning: Although the data is updated daily, the information on this page may be incomplete, outdated or incorrect. No liablity is assumed. For reliable information about 3GPP documents please see the related sections on the 3GPP website and the 3GPP portal, as well as IETF Datatracker pages -- all data made available on this page ( has been automatically aggregated from these sites. Furthermore, this site may frequently be down or parts of it not reachable / functioniong, as it is a non-professional service.

Please enter the search related information in the fields below. Partial information works, e.g. "SP-21" in the "tdoc" field lists all TSG SA documents from 2021. Regular expressions mostly work in all fields (e.g. "2[34].501" in the "Spec" field lists all documents related to 23.501 and 24.501. Capitalization is disregarded, i.e. "3GPP" gives the same results as "3gpp".

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