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UID Acronym Name Rel Groups % WI-tdoc Rapporteur links
340063 OAM8 Rel-8 Operations, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning (OAM&P) Rel-8 S5, C1, C4, IETF 100% - [JSN]
340064 OAM8-NIM Rel-8 Network Infrastructure Management Rel-8 S5 100% - [JSN]
35051 OAM8-NIM Telecom Management Methodology Rel-8 S5 100% Ericsson [JSN]
35053 OAM8-NIM Advanced Alarming on Itf-N Rel-8 S5 100% Nokia Siemens Networks [JSN]
35056 OAM8-NIM CN CS Bearer Transport Network (BTN) relative NRM Rel-8 S5 100% China Mobile [JSN]
390016 OAM8-NIM Alignment with eTOM and M.3060 architectural concepts Rel-8 S5 100% TeliaSonera [JSN]
400030 OAM8-NIM IRP SOAP Solution Sets Rel-8 S5 100% Ericsson [JSN]
450052 OAM8-NIM Create missing specifications for IRP XML definitions Rel-8 S5 100% ZTE [JSN]
370002 OAM8-NIM Deleted - End point modelling for reference point Rel-8 S5 100% Motorola [JSN]
340065 OAM8-PM Rel-8 Performance Management Rel-8 S5 100% - [JSN]
35061 OAM8-PM IP bearer network Performance measurement definitions Rel-8 S5 100% China Mobile [JSN]
360001 OAM8-PM HSUPA performance measurements Rel-8 S5 100% China Mobile [JSN]
360002 OAM8-PM Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for UMTS and GSM Rel-8 S5 100% China Mobile [JSN]
340066 OAM8-Trace Rel-8 Trace Management Rel-8 C1, C4, IETF 100% - [JSN]
11067 OAM8-Trace CT1 part of Service Level Tracing in IMS Rel-8 C1 100% Vodafone [JSN]
521028 OAM8-Trace (IETF) Service Level Tracing in IMS (draft-ietf-insipid-logme-marking) --> RFC 8497 Rel-8 C1-IETF 100% Peter Dawes [JSN]
531003 OAM8-Trace Deleted - (IETF) Service Level Tracing in IMS (draft-dawes-sipping-debug-event) Rel-8 C1-IETF 100% Peter Dawes [JSN]
400022 OAM8-Trace CT4 part of Service Level Tracing in IMS Rel-8 C4 100% Vodafone [JSN]
400021 OAM8-Trace Deleted - CT3 part of Service Level Tracing in IMS Rel-8 C3 100% Vodafone [JSN]
870081 OAM8 (IETF) A Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) (draft-ietf-ippm-twamp) --> RFC 5357 Rel-8 S5-IETF 100% - [JSN]
35074 OAM8-NIM-XML Study on SA5 MTOSI XML Harmonization Rel-8 S5 100% Nortel [JSN]